20 December 2007

emptiness. . . and fullness too!

Christmas is about emptiness.

You see, we have an empty manger. An empty cross. An empty tomb. And if it weren't for Christmas (and Easter!) we too would be empty. Oh how my heart rejoices at the emptiness of Christmas, but also the fullness of Christmas! Jesus came so that we might have life, and life more abundantly. He came that we might be filled with all the fullness of God Himself. He said that He must go, but that He would send the Spirit to guide us into all Truth. 

So Christmas is about fullness too. Ever figure out how there can be so may paradoxes in this life we live with Christ? How can we be so empty, and yet so full? Emptied of myself in order that I may be full of Christ Himself

Ah, may your CHRISTmas be both empty and full! Empty of yourself and those things that would draw your attention and focus from the fullness of Jesus and the Spirit He left to dwell in us. But full of the Trinity Himself! Rejoice in the empty manger, the empty cross and the empty tomb. And rejoice that He has chosen you! Chosen to make you His dwelling place! 

Merry Christmas!

06 December 2007

About Robin Hood

There are times when I think I enjoy home education even more than the children I am teaching. We're a Sonlight family so we've been enjoying "Tales of Robin Hood" retold by Tony Allan. I'm reminded all over again that every good story takes its lines from The Great Story. 

I love to read aloud. I enjoy reading with expression and voices. I love the sadness or the joy or the excitement of a good story. I have fun making my voice grow to a shout or dwindle away to a whisper. And I love to watch my children sit on the edge of their seats, almost biting their nails as they wait to see if Will Scarlet will escape the hangman's noose or if Friar Tuck will be able to sneak Maid Marian away from the clutches of Guy of Gisborne. They holler with delight when the Black Knight whisks Robin Hood away from danger at the last moment. Ah, the pure bliss of a good story. 

We love stories with a champion. A maiden in distress who is rescued by the man she loves. Poor peasants who need a savior. I think this is a great season for Robin Hood. Because if we love Robin Hood, can we not also be reminded of The Great Story, and the fact that we are peasants in this world. We have an enemy who can only "steal, kill and destroy". He would take everything we love or anything that would offer us Life. He would steal away our very hearts. But when the world is bleakest, the times are the darkest, enter. . . a Baby? Not a dashing Robin Hood. But indeed the Saviour of all mankind. Robin Hood didn't have to die for anyone. But our Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice. He was born. He lived. He died. But best of all, He arose! He came that we "might have life--- and life more abundantly!" He came and gave us the weapons to fight against that enemy who can only "steal, kill and destroy". What a wonderful Saviour! 

And someday, when God Almighty sees that time is ended, His command will be issued and then. . . our Prince will come. He will come riding on a white horse with His armies around Him. And nevermore will we be intimidated by fear or sidelined by confusion. The enemy will be disarmed. And as the Bride of the Lord Jesus our real life will begin. I can hardly wait!

Robin Hood doesn't have anything on my Jesus. 

02 December 2007

It's Time. . .

So, after enjoying the perusing of the blogs of my friends I decided it was time. I can't promise how often I'll blog. But it's just as much for me as it is for you. I need a forum in which to give honor and glory to the God of all Creation. For He is a good God. 

This past week has been one of intense longing. And longing mostly for God Himself. Of course there are other longings as well. Longings to see the extravagance of God. Longing to be in the center of God's will. Longing to see the hearts of God's people Alive in the joy of God Himself. Longing to see those around me in darkness turn to the wonderful Light of the Christ of Christmas. And so, I find that my longing returns to a basic longing for God Himself. Longing to be filled with all the fullness of God so that as the Master Goldsmith turns up the heat under the gold that is me, so that as the nasty scum rises to the surface, God is able to transform my life into that pure gold that He longs for. 

Do you long for God? Where do your thoughts travel in the still moments of your heart? When you finally have a chance to pray or read or meditate, what are the things that consume you? Is it the bills that need to be paid? Or is it the Christmas list you need to fill? Or the clothes that need to be folded or the meal that needs to be prepared? Or do you think of Him? Do you have a thirsty longing for God Himself?
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