30 October 2008


Yes. It's really true. Today is National Candy Corn day. Grab a handful and. . . celebrate!!!

(And for all you moms out there, tomorrow isn't just that holiday we wish would go away, it's another one we don't even know about: National Knock-Knock Jokes Day. P.S. Don't tell the kids. Cause if you do, it'll be a very long day.)

24 October 2008

16 October 2008

True Woman 08'

I've been contemplating this blog post all week. My mind has replayed parts of the conference. I've wondered how to put into words the deep things God started in my heart. I've pondered the amazing goodness of God to allow me to be part of this "counter cultural movement" among Godly women.

October 9 began extremely early for me. 3 am to be exact. Actually it started earlier. But I really don't know the time because I honestly didn't get much sleep that night. A sweet friend from church came to "sit" with the still-sleeping Hobb(it)s. Daniel and I left for the airport at 3:40 am. My flight left State College at 6 am. A friend today asked if I had the red-eye flight. For me it WAS the red-eye. 

My friend Danelle Alexander met me at O'hare and we made our way to the hotel. We had the privilege of staying with friends at the Renaissance Hotel which was part of the Conference Center where True Woman 08' was held. When we went to check in at the hotel they informed us that we would have a room with a king sized bed and a roll away cot. For 5 people. 

We informed them that that was simply unacceptable. They offered us a "hospitality suite". Basically it was the living room between two "normal" rooms. Therefore it was a room with no bed. Yes, that's what I said. No bed. Just many couches. One of the couches made into a bed and they brought us two roll away beds. The extra person slept on the couch in the picture below. Fortunately there was a bathroom with a shower. And we received an added benefit of a teeny refrigerator and microwave! We joked all weekend about getting the room with the crazy couches. 

True Woman 08' was sponsored by Revive our Hearts and Nancy Leigh DeMoss. But it also included an incredible line-up of speakers including John Piper, Joni Eareckson Tada, Janet Parshall, Mary Kassian, Karen Loritts, and others. 

Probably the session that ministered to me the most was Mary Kassian's session about how the feminist ideology has infiltrated even the church. I really didn't know much "feminist" history, but Mary explained it all so well and so clearly. 

God allowed me to see some of the lies I've believed regarding my role to play as a woman. And as a woman of God. 

Another highlight was meeting Keith and Kristyn Getty, singer/hymnwriter couple from Ireland. They led the worship for the conference. 

The climax of the weekend was the signing of the True Woman Manifesto, "a personal and corporate declaration of belief, consecration, and prayerful intent—to the end that Christ may be exalted and the glory and redeeming love of God may be displayed throughout the whole earth." 

The conference ended Saturday at 12:15 pm. My flight didn't leave until 6 pm, so I had several hours to wait. I was rather dreading it, but God turned it into a huge blessing. I had all those hours to read and remember and think and process and pray. Mmm. The goodness of God!

Our little Northwest Airlink jet touched down at the airport in State College at 10:30 pm. What a joy it was to be greeted by my family!! Complete with snacks!

Going away is nice. Coming home is nicer. God brought so much refreshment to my spirit. I felt like I was coming home a new woman. 

Well, there it is. I feel as if I've done a miserable job trying to convey the things going on in my heart. Maybe it's better left unsaid. 

And if you're interested in listening to any of the conference sessions visit truewoman.com and click the "events" tab at the top of the page. At that page you can either listen to the sessions or purchase them on DVD or CD. 
Conference friends. . . 

14 October 2008

a bedtime conversation

The scene: Tobin and Tristen (age 5 and 3) have been freshly bathed and put to bed. Mama is tucking them in. 

Tristen: "I'm thirsty."

Mama: "Honey, you can't drink any more water tonight or you'll pee in your bed."

Tobin (from the top bunk): "And if you pee in your underwear you'll get radishes between your legs."

So maybe I'd better explain.

During the hot summer I had smallish children who put off visiting the bathroom for as long as possible. This foolishness resulted in many an accident. Which resulted in chaffing on their poor little legs since they didn't bother to tell Mama about the accident since playing outside was far more important than one little accident and changing clothes in the middle of the day. 

Surely none of your angels have ever done this.

Anyway, poor Tobin was greatly confused with the English language. The "rashes" on his legs somehow morphed into "radishes". 

May all your "radishes" be in your garden. And NOT on your legs. 

hApPy tuEsDaY!!!!
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