24 October 2008


"Do you have dizzy smells?"

T. age 5 


Rita said...

I don't know about dizzy smells, but I felt I should let you know that I lurk on your site from time to time. We had 2 of your favorite people here for lunch today and I must say I've thoroughly enjoyed having one on one time with your mom here the last several days. Now, I hope you'll enjoy Rhonda, Matthew and family soon.

Anonymous said...

SO cute!:) This is Stephanie Derscheid. My mom and I wandered ontoyour site and I just wanted to say hello! You are such an inspirational woman and I miss you. Now is about the time we would have gone off on one of our girls' retreats :( Hope you are doing well. The kids look fantastic! Growing up fast I see. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes...I'm afraid that sometimes I do. =)

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