14 October 2008

a bedtime conversation

The scene: Tobin and Tristen (age 5 and 3) have been freshly bathed and put to bed. Mama is tucking them in. 

Tristen: "I'm thirsty."

Mama: "Honey, you can't drink any more water tonight or you'll pee in your bed."

Tobin (from the top bunk): "And if you pee in your underwear you'll get radishes between your legs."

So maybe I'd better explain.

During the hot summer I had smallish children who put off visiting the bathroom for as long as possible. This foolishness resulted in many an accident. Which resulted in chaffing on their poor little legs since they didn't bother to tell Mama about the accident since playing outside was far more important than one little accident and changing clothes in the middle of the day. 

Surely none of your angels have ever done this.

Anyway, poor Tobin was greatly confused with the English language. The "rashes" on his legs somehow morphed into "radishes". 

May all your "radishes" be in your garden. And NOT on your legs. 

hApPy tuEsDaY!!!!


LindaJo49 said...

I love it!!! My mother put together a book called, "Think Happy Thoughts, Grandma" .. where she shared cute things her grandchildren had said. This one would have ranked right up there at the top!! So cute!!

Julie said...

I can just hear Tobin saying it in a way only he can. :)That reminds me of what my niece said last night after I pointed out a "school" of fish passing by. She said, Wow! that's really neat, but where's the teacher?" hmm. :0) See you soon!

Jenni said...

hehe. that's cute!

Anonymous said...

Haha! What a happy post! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Haha so cute - I was just catching up on your blog and read this. What great kids you have! I am very glad we were able to see you all last week! I also loved your post before this on the true woman 08' conference - sounds like it was a great experience and so awesome that you were able to meet Keith and Kristen Getty!

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