02 June 2008

D.C.---Day 3

Last stop: Arlington National Cemetery. And we actually managed to be there on Memorial Day Weekend, which is the only time of the entire year when flags are flown on every grave. Any other day of the year only flowers are allowed.

Daniel and I had each been to Arlington before, and Daniel loves the place, but I'd totally forgotten how impressive the changing of the guard really is. 

The silence is amazing for so many people watching. 
A memorial to those who died in the Space Shuttle Challenger. That was a day I'll never forget. 

Yep. No stroller. Two tired boys. SuperDad!!!
JFK's grave.

But really, the whole point was seeing Kris. Thanks for letting us come visit you while you were visiting D.C. We love you!!


Toots said...

Enjoyed all your pics! Thanks so much for sharing them.

Rhonda said...

that was a fun "tour" of DC. i've never been, so thanks for letting me in on it. :) and, yay for sisters!

sankey family said...

I so much enjoyed this photo tour of your trip to D.C. Marc and I really want to take our boys there - we think it's important for them to know who they "are" since their lives are lived in a foreign country.
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Happy Father`s Day!

(Father`s Day here in Finland is in November.)

I enjoyed Your pictures.
God bless U.S.A.

Have a nice summer!
Best regards from Riitta & family.

Jenni said...

okay, it's been awhile since you posted. are you still there?? :-)

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