16 November 2008

Friends from long ago. . .

So, here I sit on this wet, snowy Sunday afternoon. God blessed our morning with His presence. Daniel has taken the kids on a hike behind our house. They needed some fresh air. My sister is on her way to our house. A blessed thought since I haven't seen her in nearly a year. And there is entirely too much to blog about. 

Friends from long ago stopped in to visit several weeks ago. It amazes me how easy it is to pick up where we left off about 12 years ago and chat on and on about our children, homeschooling, life, church, what God is teaching us and then still run out of time. Thanks Matthew and Rhonda for giving us a wee bit of your busy schedule. 

Seven lovely ladies. .. 
Rhonda hasn't aged a bit. Now me. . . That's a different story.
sweet friends

One of the quotes from the message this morning that bounced between my eyes was this:

"Don't tell God about your problems. Tell your problems about your God."

How easy it is to whine and complain to God about all the things that are going wrong. This week I'd rather tell my problems about the great big God I have. The God Who knows me and loves me. The God Who holds the earth in His Almighty hand. The God Who raises up one king and puts down another. The God Who is my shield and refuge and strong tower. The God Who is the King of all earthly kings and the Lord of all earthly lords. The God Who is preparing a place for me so that "where He is, there I may be also." Ah. I guess I can't put it into words today. . . 

Up next: a report on our recent trip to Michigan for a week of revival at Pine Grove Tabernacle and our good friends Darwin and Joan. Daniel preached incredible messages and we had the delightful privilege of singing together as a family every night! More later. . . 


Rhonda said...

ahhhh. good memories. and um? the part about me not aging? i'm just going to smile and nod. :) hope it's not so long till the next time our paths cross!

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Saw your comment on another blog and had to come say "hi." Even better when I found out you were a Classical home school mom to five...me too. :)

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