20 September 2009

about brownies

It was a great weekend. We spent Saturday night at camp with friends from church. Saturday night supper was a healthful diet of fire roasted hot dogs on white buns with plenty of ketchup and mustard, potato chips, green pepper slices (I tried. Really, I did.), and the famous smores’. Oh, and pink lemonade to drink. Very healthful.

Then today our congregation gathered at camp for our morning worship service followed by a fantastic BBQ chicken dinner with yummy side dishes. Everyone brought desserts to share. Eldest daughter made brownies. Mmm. Again, very healthful. Butter and sugar are good for you, right? And vanilla? Eggs? Flour? Cocoa?

So today upon returning home I surveyed the remaining six brownies left in the pan. Yes, I’m with you. I’m surprised there were ANY left. But there were. Someone was thinking healthful thoughts and passed by the brownies. Those must have been the people who decided instead on apple pie or the lovely cherry cheesecake or the rice crispy squares surrounding the brownies.

What to do with the brownies? I had to find a home for them. Ah! There were some chocolate chip bars left from the other day! I’ll just add them to that container. I pop open the Tupperware and here is what I find:

Hmmm. Wonder who took the last one. Wonder who took the last one and didn’t bother to add the Tupperware to the stack of things-to-wash.

Seems that food just doesn’t hang around this house very long these days.

And here’s hoping that my great friend Jo, over at Jo’s Kitchen Table, has some really great hints on healthful eating. I’m counting on you girlfriend!!

Parting shots:

The boys LOVE to hang out with the cows. One day last week I looked out my kitchen window and saw eldest son lying there just looking at the cows. He said the pavement was warm (it was a chilly day).

p.s. post about girls coming soon!


Dani said...

Well lookie whose blog I stumble across as I sit glassy-eyed on my bed at 1 am after a tiring Alaskan day! :)
Hi Carol... I didn't know you had a blog, but it's lovely seeing some pics of your family and hearing the news.
One of the un-in-laws (or is that "in-outlaws"?)

Jennifer Martin said...

Ha, Carol, I stopped by the other day and put a note in your front door. I don't know if you found it. Hope you all are doing well. Have a great day. Jen

Tamara Bergen said...

Hi Carol,
Good to see some pictures of your crew. I can imagine how busy you are cooking for them. I find it difficult to to keep up with keeping enough nourishing food and baking in the house. Jennifer told me you'd like to visit at Christmas when we come down. I'd love to visit too! I hope we have a chance!
Until then,
Tammy Bergen

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