12 December 2009

pure Canadian humor. . .

I have no idea who gets the credit for this movie clip. If I did, I would mention their names. And then proceed to tell you how crazy I really think they are.

Papa Hobb(it) laughed until he nearly cried. And he's not even Canadian.



Julie said...

As fond as I am of Canada, having lived 30 miles from it most of my life, there is such a thing as the Canadian Redneck Association, and I dare say these guys are on the top of the membership roll. :)What people won't do to post a video, eh? ;)

Rhonda said...

hahahahahaha snort. :D very funny and so ridiculous. it makes me almost shiver just to watch it.

my word verification is plort. which reminds me of how i laughed when i watched this video. :)

Anonymous said...

Well somebody succeeded with this video. I got a brain freeze just by watching this craziness.

Jeff Ratzlaff

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