26 October 2012

Jumpstarting hope

 I woke up with a headache. Nope, I sure don’t love those mornings. After some prayer with my husband, some milk and vitamin I(buprofen), I went back to bed. Sleep was gone as I pondered the list of things running through my head. It felt like a list with 101 points, but in reality it was only several big things that gave the illusion of being many. 

Two words came to me in those dark hours before dawn. Joy and hope. 

I’ve been reading Ann Voskamp and her words about a “joy dare.” Take the plunge. Give thanks. Watch joy explode. 

And then just behind the thought of joy, came hope. As my mind rattled over the list of things in my head like an old pickup over a bumpy, gravel road, I wondered what I’m really hoping for. Do I hope for change? Do I hope for more? Do I long for peace or freedom? 

Then my mind put the brakes on. No more rattling over the washboard of my list. A pause to remember. 

My hope is in the Lord. 

If I set my hope on any of those other things-- change, more, peace, freedom-- I will be disappointed. Bitterly. 

But if I let my list stay where it will and turn my gaze of hope toward Father, His presence whittles my list down to size. My whirling agitation turns to peace. I have a sense of anticipation-- not for change or more or peace or freedom-- but anticipation for Him. He can take care of my list. 

Do you find it easy to rattle through a list as well? Where is your hope today? 


This blog post is brought to you by the letter “D.” My sweet friend Danelle sent me a message several days ago asking me to jumpstart this blog. The batteries were dead, but she provided the spark. No promises on how often I’ll drive through and leave tracks here, but hopefully it’ll be more often than once a year. There won’t be any races or fancy shows. Just simple ordinary drives through the countryside. Some days it will probably be tracks through the mud. Other days might be a slow drive through the mountains. But you’re certainly welcome to join me. 

1 comment:

Jules said...

I'm always challenged by your open and honest thoughts, advice, and etc. Carol. I look forward to what else comes from that beautiful heart of yours. I'll drink it in as a message from the Father. :)

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