10 May 2008

Favorite photos of April. . . and May

Here is Sophia with a perfect marshmallow. We love fireside suppers. 
A sweet friend from church stopped by as we were finishing our first fireside picnic of the year. As we sat there shivering I had to ask, "Whose crazy idea was it to eat outside anyway?" It was mine. (This one's for you Alice.)
Not staged. Emmy was folding laundry and also trying to read a book. She propped it open with her feet. 
Another tea time, only it was lemonade this time. 
Remember that orange marker I mentioned? See the previous post.
I was chopping onions and Tob's eyes were burning so he needed goggles. 
My lovely chocolate mousse, created by my sweet sister-in-law Esther for my birthday. She and my friend Jules planned a party for me in a "Life is Good" theme. Check out Jake and his goodies HERE
And then a most delightful visit from my dear friend Angie. How fun to remember the "good ole' days". I'm so grateful for the friends God has given me: the ones from long ago and the ones who have only recently become friends. 
Movie night trivia: Guess who had a nap and who didn't. 
Elsa at a very cold picnic in our back yard.
These guys LOVE each other!! Most of the time. 

Tristen could have stood by the reservoir for hours just throwing rocks in the water. 
The kids enjoyed the pond at Mom and Dad's house. No, I didn't let them go swimming. It was just too cold. They were wishing. . . 
In April we attended IHC in Dayton and then spent two days at Mom and Dad's house near Columbus, Ohio. Daniel attended a prayer conference. The kids and I enjoyed being with Grandpa and Nana. And playing outside. The girls helped Mom plant strawberries, onions, and a few other things. 
Papa and Tristen come down the stairs this way often. 


Anonymous said...

Happy times and good memories. Love it! What a precious family you have been given! Blessings!

Rhonda said...

love the photos! and i really love the 1st, 2nd 3rd child thing. :) hope you had a special mother's day!

Iris said...

Oh Carol, I read and I LAUGHED at the 1, 2, 3 kids thing. How very, very true. I love when you post pictures. I like the peek into your life and heart.

Happy Mother's Day!

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