08 May 2008

A day in the life. . .

  • It's Thursday, but it feels like Monday for some reason. 

  • Daniel spoke for high school chapel at Belleville Mennonite School this morning.

  • That left me in charge of math. I hate math.

  • The play dough I made for the boys several days ago is ruined. They pulled it out this morning and it stuck in nasty stickiness all over the kitchen table. I had to use a spatula to get it off.

  • Even after mixing extra oil and flour into the nasty mixture, it was still sticky. I threw it in the trash. Hopefully the trash guy doesn't see it. 

  • Oh, and while I was dealing with that nastiness, sweet daughter, age 9, was toiling over a math pyramid. It made sense to me, but not to her. 

  • Then the mischievous 2 year old took the dish soap from under the sink. I asked him to put it away. As he obeyed, he lifted the bottle high over his head, upside down, squeezing the bottle as he went. Palmolive in a nice neat trail across my kitchen floor. 

  • Sweet daughter, age 8, offered to clean up the mess. Thank you Lord for helpful children.

  • Sweet daughter, age 6, had to be reminded many times to finish her simple addition. A promise of "no lunch until you're done" did the trick. Amazing how the thought of no food motivates some children. 

  • And did I mention the several phone calls that came while I tried to rescue the nasty mixture. Or the phone calls that came while I listened to sweet daughter, age 8, read aloud. 

  • Or the cries of delight that came from the upstairs bathroom as the three youngest played in water in the bathroom sink. Mischievous son, age 4 and mischievous son, age 2 each had to totally change their clothes. Do I throw the clothes in the dryer since it was just water, or do I put them in the laundry for later? 

  • Then I hear, "Oh Mama!" This time it was mischievous son, age 2, who had discovered the sheer delight of an orange marker. His pants and arms now have not-so-mysterious streaks of orange. 

  • And we haven't even had lunch yet. 


Rhonda said...

what is it with playing in the sink? larissa has been obsessed with the soap and faucet lately. one bar of soap ended up crumbled (and mixed with water) all over the bathroom. i had to wonder how i didn't clue in until it was a done deal. :)

Jo said...

I'm smiling ear to ear thinking of your morning. Sometimes we need a reset button don't we? Bless you.

Toots said...

I am smiling too, Carol. You're building cathederals, just in case you need the encouragement, check this out. http://davidandsarahfry.blogspot.com/2007/10/now-thats-encouraging.html
Blessings my friend!

David and Sarah Fry said...

Oh. I'm cracking up. It's so true it's funny. Or maybe it's not. Can't decide if I want to laugh or cry. Think I'll just go make supper.

Iris said...

And where oh WHERE did you find time to BLOG about it in the midst of it all!? I've had many mornings (days) just like it. And lucky you, I'm ALWAYS in charge of math. (And everything else school related.)

LindaJo49 said...

The Palmolive story reminded me of my brother, Joel. When he was about 1-1/2, I found him in front of the kitchen cabinet with the dish soap bottle held over his head -- yup, upside down! I still remind him of that and he just turned 50!! Loved your description of your day!! No dull moments, huh???

Jenni said...

ah yes, the delights of motherhood! did you laugh or cry? :-)

Kristine said...

ohhhhh sister!!! I'm so, so proud of you, and amazed, completely amazed! I LOVE YOU!!!

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