29 April 2008

When the faith of others blesses me. . .

I recently finished "Come Away My Beloved" by Frances J. Roberts, available HERE on Amazon. I was a little sad to complete it. But now I must move on to some of the other books on the stack by my bed. 

One of the last readings was called "You shall come forth as gold." Here is a wee tidbit:

"Be not over-charged with anxiety. I am your burden-bearer. Be not anxious for the morrow, for on the morrow I shall be your sure supply. Praise me NOW, and let your confidence in Me be manifest. So shall the faith of others be encouraged, for your life is a witness to many."

A day or so later the Lord brought a reminder of one of those "chosen of God" in a very unique position of influence and leadership: Alaska's Governor, Sarah Palin. I'm one of those "others" whose faith was encouraged. For the life of the First Lady of Alaska has been a witness to many. Including me. 

Mrs. Palin recently gave birth to baby #5. He was just a teeny little guy, born about a month early. Three days following his birth the Governor was back to work, bringing baby along so he would have her constant care and attention. The family was delighted to have a new son. 

Trig Palin is a special gift from God. A special baby with one extra chromosome. Trig has Down's Syndrome. The Palin's express nothing but gratefulness to God. My sister forwarded an article from Alaska Daily News about the family. You can read the whole article HERE.  

So often when I'm covered in difficulties like a cold, wet blanket I forget that my life is a witness to many. And even aside from the "many" I have children who are watching to see how I will respond to the trials God allows in my life. Will I retain the joy that I have in the "good" times? Will my trust and confidence be in God alone? Will I allow God to glorify Himself in me in the midst of uncertainty? 

Oh, may the Lamb of God find in me a place to glorify Himself. 


Jo said...

WoW. Thank you for posting that. Perspective is such good medicine for the soul.

sankey family said...

Words spoken right to my heart....

He is our Peace! said...

What a great example she is! Thank you for sharing. There are definately eyes watching us from a variety of areas. Thank you for that reminder.

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