21 April 2008

More about Faith

I'm still pondering faith. And I'm realizing that the deeper I go with Jesus, the more intentional I must be about my faith.

In other words: Faith doesn't just happen. "Faith comes by hearing." And I must not be a "hearer only" but also a "doer" of the Word. Hmm.

I find myself catching my breath between crises. But they are no ordinary crises. They are crises of faith. 

The battle is intense, the fog is thick, the enemy fire is heavy. I fight for all I'm worth. For days I battle. And then the warfare slows a bit and I try to catch my breath. Then the barrage begins again. 

But this is no paltry battle of nations against nations. This is a battle for my soul. This battle has Eternal repercussions. So, having God remind me of this battle, I pray the following things:

1. I ask God to renew my mind. This is something I cannot do. He must be the One to do it for me.

2. I put on the whole armor of God. Eph. 6. 

3. I pray intentional prayers for my husband and children, for they are under enemy fire too. 

4. I "take my thoughts captive". For if I don't, no one else will do it for me. 

I know this isn't an exhaustive list on "how do warfare with the enemy" but for now it's my simple list. I'm not at a place in life to handle "40 easy steps to defeating Satan". I'm learning more about Who God is. After all, we've been dropped into a story (part way through the story, I might add) and the story isn't about us. It's about Him. A large thing my small brain often forgets. 

This is God's story. And it's about His glory! 

And somehow in the middle of God's story, I'm learning faith. 

What a journey.


Mary Sue said...

good stuff...i love reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

I can identify with intentional. I must persue HIM all the time, every minute. I still live in fear of my own weaknesses. I feel like HE has a very large mission for me that I am not prepared for. I need to work harder. Love your thoughts. Jessica R

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