21 April 2008

Blue bowls and a haircut

Yes, when there are 5 children ages nine to two in the house, bowls will be bowls and do what bowls do when they are dropped. I've discovered that $1 bowls are the way to go. Available at your local dollar store, or at Big Lots, where I purchased these. 
Tristen's hair was so long it was rather difficult for him to deal with. I love it long. 

He is a dedicated fan of "The Lone Ranger"--- or "The Lone Manger" as he calls it, so the masked man came to the rescue during haircut time. 

His personality always changes a little after a haircut. He's 110% little boy.


Kristine said...

A: I love the blue bowls!
B: The long hair was SO cute!!! Why did he need it cut off?!
C: Aunty's done whining. :)

sankey family said...

I just cut three heads of blonde hair yesterday...always quite a job but I'm happy when it's done. In this South Texas heat, shorter is better!

Anonymous said...

This is Marilyn Weese, a cousin from Florida! Delighted to find your blog recently. Your family is beautiful! Haircut brings memories of many haircuts on my two little boys a LONG time ago. Love to all of you!

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