09 April 2008

Phonics Phun or perhaps, Foniks Fun?

Not all the children in our house learn the same way or at the same speed. The two oldest are having a difficult time understanding why smallest sister is catching on to short vowels so very slowly. And why is Mama coming up with all these great, fun, creative ways to enjoy vowels that they never had a chance to experience? I had to explain that when the previously employed methods don't work, I am forced to either find or invent new ones that will work. 

Hence, the chalk on the cement pad in front of the garage. We played vowel hopscotch. It worked wonders. That's smallest sister above in the yellow fleece and orange rubber boots. Biggest brother liked hopping too. In his green froggy boots.
Any old pattern will work. I used 10 squares with 2 each of the vowels. Mama calls out a sound and kiddo jumps to the right square. Then kiddo calls out sounds and Mama jumps. And before you know it, everyone else will be wanting to play vowel hopscotch too!

You gotta' try it. 


Liz said...

What a fun mama/teacher/creative engineer you are! Love your blog!

Matthew and Rhonda said...

that's a great idea! i will file it away for my soon-to-be first graders. (excuse me while i freak out about my twins being soon-to-be first graders...)

Jo said...

Such a great idea. Let me know what you think for the addition tables. Your pictures are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

you, sister, are a GENIUS!!!! I'm once again, SO greatful you're going first and coming up with all the great ideas so I can steal them from you! :) xo

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed - although most of my "children" have a handle on vowels by the time they get to me. :)

Also greatly appreciated your previous post. I've been there. Thanks so much for your transparency. You bless me!

kayla said...

I know what I'll be playing over spring break.

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