01 August 2008

Don't try this at home. Unless you're up for adventure.

About a month ago we purchased a Subaru wagon on eBay. Rosie Cotton (Yes, we are one of those strange families who actually name their vehicles. And yes, there is a reason her name is Rosie. She's a beautiful dark red color. I added the Cotton because, well, if you're a fan of LOTR, you'll understand.) Rosie needed a new clutch, but now she's ready to drive. I love to drive a tight little 5 speed, and Rosie fits the bill. 

So, Wednesday afternoon the girls and I were off to Walmart and a few other stops. After one stop I went to shift into reverse in the parking lot and viola, the whole gear shifter came off in my hand. 
First, let me tell you what I did not do. I did not cry. I did not curse. I did not pray. I did not call my husband. I think maybe I should have prayed, but I wasn't worried about anything. And Jesus knew where I was anyway. 

Here is what I saw:

And here is what I did: I decided I would see if I could actually shift the car while I was still in the parking lot. I figured if it worked, I could just finish my shopping and drive home. If it didn't work, I could always call my darling husband and yell for help. 

It worked. I was thrilled. :o) 

It was kinda fun. 

Don't try this unless you like adventure. 

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering what choice names we have for our other vehicles, I'll tell you. Our green Suburban is called Big Daddy. And Daniel's little Mazda pickup that blows clouds of blue smoke on start up (when there's really nothing in the world wrong with his engine), well, he's called Little Smokie. Little Smokie's up for sale now that we have Rosie Cotton. Any takers?


Jo said...

You are so cute. THis made me smile. Way to go - you're an off-road driver for sure.

Mary Sue said...


yay for adventures.

good luck fixing that.


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