21 August 2008

A tea for girls

So, in between supervising two girls making bread (8 loaves total), chatting online with my sister in Alaska, answering the phone, downloading pictures, chasing three younger children to the great outdoors to play. . . I'm blogging. 

One of the dear ladies from church invited the girls and me for tea. She also invited Carol and Becky Kauffman. Becky is just a year older than Emelyne and a good friend to all the girls.

Brenda was our hostess. She created a tea with several courses. We began with chilled strawberry soup and crispy dainties she'd make from bread and flour tortillas. Then we moved on to wee sandwiches and veggies and layered jello salad. The meal finished off with 4 different kinds of scones, Devonshire cream, strawberry and lemon curd, shortbread and of course, tea. Choices for tea were Mint Medley or Constant Comment. 

When we arrived Brenda had the girls draw numbers. Whoever chose #1  got first pick of Brenda's hats to wear for tea. 

We had a lovely time!! 

Sophia clowning around after tea
Elsa took her own hat, one Esther wore in a cousin's wedding several years ago. 
Brenda serving Sophia. . .
Emelyne loves to pose for pictures!!
The other Carol.  And yes, it was highly confusing to have two Carols there! 
Second course goodies!!
Becky with a hat to match her dress.

Somehow, girls and tea just go together. 


kayla said...

I'm feeling a little jealous that of you. I don't get to do tea parties.
Reminds me of the one that you and Nettie had down here many years ago.

kayla said...

Okay, I need to go to sleep. That would be "I'm feeling a little jealous that you have girls".

Julie said...

Looks like heaps of fun, Carol. Can't wait to see you again! It won't be long! :)

Rhonda said...

i'm smiling that you just posted this! rhoda shank just did a very similar tea party for my mom and all of her many female offspring. :) it was a hoot. maybe i'll do a tea party post, too....

see you sometime soon!

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