02 August 2008

Three-year-old "isms"

Tristen is three. And three year olds say the funniest things. 
Here are several of my favorite quotes from the last week. . . 

"Mama, can we talk?" This was asked as we sat at the supper table surrounded by many other Hobb(it)s. As I'm sure you can imagine, mealtime with 5 children is not often quiet. I think that amidst the hubbub of conversation Tristen was wanting to make sure he didn't get left out of anything important that needed to be said. Or heard. 

The other "ism" was heard as we were discussing where Papa was (visiting someone from church) and when he would be home (in time for supper). Tristen was laying on the floor with his camouflage pillow and puppy blanket. "Mama, Papa's so wonderful!" Couldn't have said it better myself! :o) 

Another thing Tristen says rather often is "I'm thirsty for. . . " He hasn't learned the difference between hunger and thirst yet, so he's thirsty for M&Ms, thirsty for candy, thirsty of supper, thirsty for hot dogs, thirsty for yogurt (although when he says it, it sounds more like mogurt), and one time he even said he was thirsty for Walmart. Hmm

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for Righteousness, for they shall be filled." Jesus

The picture of Tristen was taken recently when we were in Ohio. Also in the picture is my cousin Seth Showalter. Tristen looks remarkably like Seth did when he was much younger. Seth, along with his parents and 3 brothers, leave next week for a two year assignment in North Africa. 

P.S. Daniel did some adjustments on Rosie's shifter and everything is back to normal. No more adventurous shifting. 


Kristine said...

now those are some good lookin boys!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Tristan's tidbits! Really enjoyed them. And how cool about the shifter. Maybe that's not the appropriate response, but that's how it struck me. I never knew what it looked like under there. :)

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