25 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

The audacity of hope.

I haven’t read the book by President-elect Barack Obama. But I’ve been struck this Christmas by that phrase.

The audacity of hope. I know about the audacity of hope. My audacity of hope arrived as a tiny baby to a young Jewish couple. He was born in a small town. Smelly shepherds visited him. Wealthy kings from the east brought him uncommon gifts.

My audacity of hope is the Creator of the universe coming as a baby. Being laid in a manger. Getting colic. Like I did when I was a baby. Having his diaper changed. Like me. Getting blisters. Like me. Catching frogs. Like me. Going through puberty. Like me. Being tempted. Like me.

But at that crucial point the similarities end, for He is my Jesus. Fully God. Fully man. And yet without sin.


The audacity of God sending His only Son as a baby rather than a conquering King. The audacity of choosing Mary, a betrothed virgin. The audacity of Bethlehem as His birthplace. The audacity of the 12 men who were His closest friends. Fishermen. A tax collector. A betrayer. The audacity of the love of Jesus even for His betrayer. The audacity of Jesus’ conversations with the Pharisees. The audacity of His chosen manner of temple cleansing. The audacity of His choice of dinner companions.

The audacity that the Creator would allow those He created to crucify Him. And yet, He lives. The audacity of life. The audacity of Hope. He is my High Priest. My Deliverer. My Intercessor. My Hope.

So many people come and go in this world of blogging. Sometimes I look at the map and wonder who the people are who are reading and lurking. My husband kids me about the messages I preach online.

So if you’re a regular here or if you’ve just dropped in for the first time ever, please leave me a comment. I’d love to know who you are and why you like to visit my blog. It's your Christmas gift to me. :o)

And if you don’t know the Audacity of Hope, I hope you meet Him this Christmas. I’m sure the greatest gift you could give Him would be yourself.

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!!!


Jenni said...

merry christmas, carol, to the preacher and her preacher husband. :-)

Bethany Geib said...

I'm one of the lurkers. : ) And I like reading because you challenge me to think more deeply that I would on my own. Preach on. : )

Matthew and Rhonda said...

you're a good preacher...don't stop now! :) you know i hang out around here, even when i don't comment. :)

lovely family photo, too!

Dorothy Bowen Klass said...

What a darling family photo! Your hair looks especially nice....I like it all fluffed out. (Mine is so dreadfully thin...I'm jealous!)

I enjoy reading the thoughts you share on your blog and visit every week or so to see if you have any new photos or new insights. As wonderful as my OWN personal, intimate relationship with Christ is, I NEED other Christians to encourage, uplift, and keep me in line!!

When I live in a hermit-like seclusion it seems very easy for me to slip into a prideful, holier-than-thou attitude.....I fear it's my greatest temptation. Reading the thoughts, struggles, and encouragements of my fellow Christians helps me remember that we are a BODY of believers and must strive for unity. AND that I'm no better than anyone else....we are all sinners saved by grace!!

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