17 December 2008

Time for an anniversary

No. It's not my birthday. It's not our wedding anniversary.

It's the Boston Tea Party. December 16, 1773. I thought about celebrating. And I thought perhaps our long ago relative Sam Adams and his friends, John Hancock and Paul Revere might possibly be turning in their graves. (My husband's sweet mother was an Adams. Yes, descendent of Samuel and John Adams. Way back.)

Three British ships moored in Boston's harbor. Ten thousand pounds of tea. Men and boys dressed as Indians (while all along everyone knew they weren't Indians at all). Townspeople standing on the wharf watching it all. Said men and boys being very careful to throw overboard ONLY tea. All other cargo was to remain untouched. They even swept the decks of the ships after dumping the tea overboard. A man caught pilfering tea was sorely punished. 

And last night I read the headlines. Something about all kinds of new tax in 2009 for New York. Tax on this. Tax on that. Tax on something else. 

Tax is why the Boston Tea Party happened in the first place. Free people in a new free world being tired of the king on the other side of the globe finding all kinds of new ways to pay for the things he was doing in England. And taxing tea was the last straw. 

The Sons of Liberty said you could smell the sweet fragrance of salt water tea in Boston harbor. 

So today I remember the Boston Tea Party. I remember all that our founding fathers believed in and longed for. I remember the freedom they fought and died for. I remember. . . 

And today I wonder where our country is headed. I listen. I read. I pray. And I remember that the ultimate freedom isn't found in this country. It's found in the next Country. The Country where the King of kings is reigning. The Country in which is the Heavenly City, the New Jerusalem. The Country where wars will never be. The Country where my Father's economy will never crash (He has streets of gold. Go figure.). The Country where children have enough to eat and mothers aren't afraid of the influence of the kids next door. The Country where father's hearts never have to fear a lack of provision for their families or the ravaging of their wives and children. The Country where the Glory of God is in its proper place. All the time. 

And to think that I started with the Boston Tea Party. 

The Boston Tea Party has only made me long for the true Country of ultimate freedom. I hope to see you there. Maybe we can chat. Over a cup of tea. 

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Jo said...

Very interesting. You always make me think.... and remember....and think some more. I feel smarter. I'll go to bed now. Merry Christmas

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