11 February 2008

It's Monday.

Today I'm reminded all over again how exhausting Sundays can be when you're a pastor's wife. (Or maybe everyone feels this way? If so, then I must ask, are we really living Sundays as God intended? Hmm. That'll have to be another post. . . ) Believe it or not I did actually take a nap yesterday afternoon. Sometimes the exhaustion is more emotional than physical. 

Sundays can be so full of worship and learning, yet so draining. They can be encouraging as you watch people soak in the Word of God, but also the times when you hear the most criticism. 

And so, I find that the more things change, the more they stay the same. God will always come where there are hearts hungering and thirsting after Him.

Before we were taken in as members yesterday I had the opportunity to share my testimony. I didn't know this was coming until Daniel and I stood up at the front and Daniel whispered, "Why don't you share your testimony first." I contemplated a state of panic and then falling into a dead faint. Instead I calmly walked to the podium standing just below the main platform. I didn't even have a big pulpit to hide behind. 

Later I asked Daniel if I'd said too much. Because it was either that I spluttered off the top of my head or I was guided by the Spirit of God. I trust it was the latter. 

It is one of the supreme joys of my life to share with others the miracle God has done in my heart. Just before I had this opportunity again yesterday, we'd sung the hymn "O happy day!" Yes, it's an ancient song, but check out the words.

Here's the last verse and chorus:

Now rest, my long divided heart; Fixed on this blissful center, rest;
Nor ever from my Lord depart, with Him of every good possessed. 

Happy day, happy day, when Jesus washed my sins away!
He taught me how to watch and pray, and live rejoicing every day;
Happy day, happy day, when Jesus washed my sins away!

I've sung this song many times before, but I think never with the understanding with which I sang it yesterday. I know the truth of what I sing. My heart was divided for so long. Everything looked good on the outside, but only God knew the true state of my heart. I'm so thankful for the faithfulness of God in revealing who we really are before Him. 

And please don't ask me to sit down and be quiet. I want to tell somebody! Jesus did say we are to be the salt of the earth. I want to make people thirsty for God. I want them to see my walk with Jesus and yearn to know Him more. Do you?

Happy salty Monday!! Go spread the Word!!


GodSeeker said...

God is God and you the woman. I love you, Babe. Run hard.
The Chief Hobbit

Making Memories 1999 said...

Thanks for your post!

My grandmother taught me the chorus to that song when I was but a wee gal! Special song!! Hope you were able to rest today. :-)

Auntie Essie said...

I'm weeping, sis...

I know that gorgeous God of Whom you speak, the transforming power of His redemption and love Him in you!

*drying tears*

My question is, which version of O Happy Day did you all sing?! :D Danelle and I had fun teaching the "happier tune" to folks in Indy last week. :} In any regard, the words are a true expression of praise and simultaneous joy at the thought of what our dear Savior has wrought in our unworthy lives!

I love you and am looking forward to Monday! ;)

Bigs hugs for everyone in your cozy mountain home.

GodSeeker said...

Indeed we did not sing the "happy" version, although when the Chief Hobbit read my post he began singing that version! :o) Can't wait to road trip with you!!

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