26 February 2008

Potty training advice

Well, I guess it's not really advice. More like a warning. 

If you have a 2 year old who is being potty trained and you find him in the bathroom having removed his own training pants, the very first step is to put him on the potty. 

The very next step is to check the floor for puddles. 

I followed step one. I did not follow step two. 

P.S. Paper towels make for easy clean-up. And my bathroom rug is in the washer as I type. 


Julie said...

But, mom! I'm so cute, how could you possibly mind cleaning up my wee little puddles?!
Just looking at Tristen's hair makes his Auntie Jules want to run her fingers through it again. :) Have I told you lately how absolutely adorable I think he is?!
Happy potty training!

iris said...

Uh huh. Been there. Done that. And not too long ago. Actually just 30 minutes ago. That was when I saw a puddle on the kitchen floor and instinctively went to find Olivia. Yup. Wet. Moms have good instincts.

Anonymous said...

OHH!!! What a smile! Just seeing that little grin makes me want to grab that little guy and squeeze him!! He's SO cute! Happy pottytraining! :)
Love, Danelle

P.S. I'll file your advice for future reference. ;)

Mary Sue said...

LOL. This is great.

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