13 February 2008


I want to know why my house is being invaded by a colony of very tiny ants. It's the dead of winter. We are having snow and ice and sleet and rain. 

Where are the ants coming from? And why are they just showing up now? I could understand if it was summer and I could see a trail of them coming in around a door jamb. But now?

And so, upon the advice of two friends, I purchased Terro. From what I hear it's the only ant killer that really works. I'm trying. The bait's been out for about a week and I'm starting to find dead ants. Hopefully they'll take the yummy poison back to all their relatives and they'll all go to ant heaven together. That way they won't be wandering around under my sink and in my spice cupboard anymore. 

About that ice: when I got up and looked out the window this morning, the bright overcast sky shone it's light on a very shiny road. It was glare ice. But at 30˚ and rain, it's melting. The children are begging to play outside today.

I said only if it's not raining. 


Tara said...

Hello old friend,
I found your blog quite by accident today, and I was MORE than a little bitter to see you've had it for a while and didn't let me know. Hmmph. Especially considering the fact that you have my blog on your link list!
Okay, enough chastising...I have immensely enjoyed catching up with your brood. What a great-looking bunch. I will look forward to your posts in the future as well. Unfortunately, I found you just as I'm taking a short break from the world of blogging. But I shall return!

On the ants, we had the EXACT same problem at EXACTLY the same time last year. Just as I was due to deliver our fourth child. Not a good time for an ant invasion. We tried everything we knew to do on our own...even the Terro...but still ended up having to have an ORKIN man come to the rescue. Real bummer....but at least no more ants! Hope your problem is more easily solved.
Blessings on you and your familia.

Mary Sue said...

LOL. Embrace the ants. hehe.

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