01 February 2008

Burn update

Here is Tristen this morning. This was his chosen pose. Daniel slept in the living room with him last night. He had a little trouble falling asleep. He'd sleep for a while and then move around a bit and the pain in his hand would waken him. The last thing we did before sleep was to put raw honey on his hand and then wrap it in gauze. The gauze stayed on until about 5 am. 
Here you can see the blisters on his palm just under his fingers and also the blisters on each finger tip as well as his thumb. 

 Here he is at his favorite activity: looking at books. When I first caught him "reading" he was holding the book with his left hand and his right hand was resting on the floor beside him, palm up. At brunch this morning he ate using his left hand. It was a little awkward since he's right handed, but he was hungry enough it didn't matter.

Yes, it was brunch. On days like today I'm so grateful God has allowed Daniel a flexible "pastor's schedule". We were up very late trying to get Tristen settled for some rest amid the pain. 

Daniel and I were planning on skiing today with some family and friends. But since we're having ice and rain that was cancelled anyway. Hopefully some time this winter I'll have a chance to try my legs at skiing again. 

Hmm. When I think of skiing I could almost cry. But today it's not because I'm disappointed. It's because for so long I lived in fear of so many things. Skiing was something I didn't want to try. Two winters ago I skied for the first time. And I loved it! So today, even though my ski trip was cancelled, my heart is full of gratefulness to God for the freedom He has brought to my heart. 

Ah. Freedom. 

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Toots said...

It hurts me to even think of your little guy's blistered fingers. I'm so sorry. I remember when Tony and Abby McCrary were at IHC when their first baby (about a year old) reached out and touched an iron. She had to have several surguries due to the burn. I pray that won't be the case with Tristan.

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