31 January 2008


Tristen burned his right hand tonight on a wood stove. We were with some friends from church at their home for supper. They have three little children and several of the kids were in the basement playing. Tristen must have fallen or reached out to help himself stand up--God knows-- and burned the palm of his hand. Blisters are already showing up just below his fingers and on every fingertip. He screamed in pain for about 45 minutes straight. So far we've used cold running water, an ice pack, tea tree oil, and two different burn ointments. He's finally fallen asleep on the couch. 

On the way over I'd prayed aloud for our time with these new friends. And the Spirit had directed me to pray for protection. Makes me wonder what might have happened. . .

The family we spent the evening with are new to our church. They've been searching for a new fellowship for a while and were eager to talk and ask questions. We hadn't been talking long when this small emergency demanded our attention. It's times like these when I am reminded that "there are no accidents in Aslan's country." Our God makes no mistakes. We were looking forward to deepening a friendship, talking about the things God is teaching us, asking questions about their journey with the Father. And even though our conversations were only beginning, there will be more times to come, God willing. In the times when I don't understand what God is doing (and there have been many of those in the last year) I am always reminded that God is still there. He's knows where I live. And He loves me. 

If God brings Tristen to mind, please pray for healing. It's a nasty burn for a very active 2 year old boy.


Robyn said...

Hey Carol- happy to find you here in blogland. Hope the hand heals real soon - burns are so awful.

iris said...

We will pray too. Andrea burned her palm very badly the same way when she was about 3. We were way out in the bush at some friend's cabin. All we had available for treatment was snow, ice and cold water. There wasn't even aloevera around!! She cried lots and my tears mixed with hers as we prayed and comforted. She's fine today. =) God hears.

Jules said...

Auntie E shared with me this morning about Tristen. I'll be lifting him, as well as this new family to Jesus.
Please give Tristen a hug from Auntie Jules. Much love to you all!

Mary Sue said...

Awww...poor Tristen. What a cute picture of him sleeping. I hope he is doing well despite the pain!

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