30 January 2008

When I grow up. . . by Tobin

"But Mama, I don't want to get married when I grow up! I'm gonna be a firefighter." And then another conversation from a bit earlier. . .

"Mama, I had a dream. There was a house on fire and the firefighters rescued the animals but they were dead so they took them to Cabela's and took all the meat out so they could stand them up there."

Cabela's has been a favorite stopping place on our travels. The children love to walk through the taxidermy displays. I call it a "dead zoo". 

Firefighter today, but no marriage please. I wonder what he'll want to be tomorrow?


Danelle said...

LOLOL!!! Indeed, it will be interesting to see what Tobin will be when he grows up! Let's just hope he doesn't have a skunk in his froat! ;)

Rhonda said...

cute! just wanted to let you know i'm still hanging around here...just haven't been very good at commenting. i love your snapshots of life at your house.

Mary Sue said...


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