31 January 2008

Tears. . .

"Never stifle the cry in your heart. God put it there. God puts no special premium on our being perennial spiritual Pollyannas.

His joy springs forth most abundantly in souls that have been soaked in tears. 

Not the tears of self-pity. Never.

But the tears of devotion and longing after Him. 

Weep. But when you weep, weep in His arms.

Doubt if you must, but tell each doubt to Him candidly. You will be surprised how quickly they will melt away. His love and His smile will dispel every doubt as silently and surely as sunshine removes frost.

You cannot look in His face and doubt at the same time!"

Frances J. Roberts in Come Away My Beloved.


Danelle said...

Thanks for posting these thoughts. So good to read them again!! I can't put into words the deep ways the Lord brought healing and hope and joy to my heart after several weeks and months of darkness, through this wonderful little book! Blessings as you read and are loved by the Lord through these words. :) Love you, Carol!

Toots said...

I'm so glad you stopped by and left a comment. I had not found your blog yet! You can be sure I'll visit, and yes, I'm glad for you to link to mine!

Making Memories 1999 said...

Ah, what a precious book that is! I remember a time in my life when it was such an encouragement! I also purchased it for my grandmother before she went to be with Jesus! Thanks so much for sharing this quote! And I'm so glad to have found you in the blogosphere! (I'm enjoying doing some catch-up!!) May I link your blog to mine? Thanks!

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