10 January 2008

Christmas morning with the Hobbits!

Esther gave me this sweet little hat. 

Emelyne and Sophia were delighted with the new Bibles they received from Papa and Mama. For any interested parents, we chose the New Readers Bible (NKJV) published by Thomas Nelson. It's a giant print Bible just right for elementary age kids. The reviews on Amazon were exactly right. This is an awesome Bible!! And all the extras (maps, details about history, etc.) are fantastic. It comes highly recommended!
Esther gave Daniel this fleece blanket to use during his early morning study and prayer times. When he put it over his head it instantly transformed him into a rabbi!

I often tell Elsa, "Honey, when you smile it's like the sun coming out from behind a cloud after a rain storm!"

Tristen and Tobin: the 80's guy and the skier guy

New swords and shields for the boys. 

I'll be back soon with pics from our celebration with the Showalters!

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