25 January 2008

Just a basic update. . .

I decided to post a few photos from the last several days. We finally had a little snow! These first two pictures are taken from our front porch. The clouds and snow squall in the distance are actually covering Jack's Mountain across the valley from us. We love the view! But more than the view outside, we love the views of what God is doing among us. . . 

Two little boys eating apples on the kitchen floor.
This very staged picture was thought up by the sisters!
The girls and I had tea again yesterday. They did this arranging themselves. Sweet apple chamomile tea in a teapot from Kris. A pretty yellow candle from Jules. A white gerbera daisy from Angie. 

We used little napkins in the shape of pansies. I explained that many flowers have a special meaning and pansies stand for "thoughts". We talked about thoughts we may have that no one knows about or that would embarrass us horribly if anyone could see them. We talked about taking thoughts captive and rejecting thoughts that don't line up with Scripture or the character of God. I reminded them that God knows our thoughts and imaginations. 

How thankful I am for these moments with my girls! They were asking if I was going to do another girl's retreat like I'd planned and hosted the last 3 years we lived in Evart. I told them that our tea times are like mini girl's retreats. We have our own opportunity to talk about who God is, and how we should live as followers of Jesus. Tea time is girl time. 

And if I never do another girl's retreat again, I will have invested in the most important girls in my life. Who knows, maybe they will be my presenters at the next retreat. 

Wow. I love mentoring. 

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