15 January 2008

Mothers should NEVER be sick.

My nose is running a marathon.

We've had colds and sniffles, coughs and fevers at our house over the last several weeks. But so far it's only been in the "childhood" sector. Not anymore. Yesterday the sneezing began. Last night the sore throat. Today the marathon.

So today is the day I want to put my jammies on and snuggle under a nice warm fleece blanket. But I'm a mama. And I homeschool. And today was the day I promised two girls, ages 9 and 7 that they could cook dinner. 

Now, cooking dinner is all well and good, but this requires much mama-intervention in order to succeed. But we did it!! Dinner is actually in the crock pot, and all we need to add is a salad and a dessert. I think we'll do something easy like rice crispy squares rather than the elaborate cookie ice cream sandwiches they planned on making. I just don't have energy for that today. Some other time, please.

After the girls are finished with their reading (soon, I hope!) I'm going to lay down for a while. 

Like I said, mothers should NEVER be sick. And definitely not homeschooling mothers. 


Mary Sue said...

Hey Carol - I am sick right now, too!! If I might put in a plug, I think full-time students should NEVER be sick either! I am running right along side of you in this marathon! Don't worry - this time, I'll let you beat me!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the yuckies! Hope they are over soon. Just spent some time catching up with you. I've missed the last several "episodes", but I'm all caught up now. ;) Enjoyed the pics immensely. Love ya!

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