10 January 2008

Showalter Christmas

After spending Christmas Day with the Hobbits in Pennsylvania, we traveled to Ohio. Road trips with 5 children ages 9 to 2 are always interesting and long. It really doesn't matter how far you have to travel. "Will we be there soon?" "Can we watch a movie on the computer now?" "I'm hungry!!!!" "I have to go to the bathroom!" "Me too! Really bad!!" "Can we listen to Narnia?" "Everybody be quiet. Tristen just went to sleep." "How far is it to Nana's house?" 

But once we're there, we discover that it was quite worth it. What a marvelous time with family! Enjoy the photos. I'll post my deep thoughts later. . . 
Elsa with new hiking boots from Nana!
And here is THE gift of the season for the boys. Kevin and Keith thought it was time to introduce the nephews to the world of men. I only wish I had Tobins greatest crash on video. Nothing broken, just a good scare for a boy who thought he was invincible.

We had a fantastic afternoon of ice skating while in Ohio. Nana stayed home with Grandpa and Grandma Showalter and a very tired Tristen. Here is Emelyne. 
Auntie Kris and Elsa skated together a bunch. . . and Sophia too. But we didn't get any good photos of Sophia on the ice! :o(
Tobin started out needing lots of help. But several hours later he was skating by himself!
A very happy skater!!
Papa, Tobin and Tristen watched youtube videos of monster trucks while the rest of us played dominoes! There were moments when the dominoes players paused to see what all the "wows" were about at that end of the table. 
These pictures have to be some of my favorites from Christmas. Tristen was showing Great-grandma Showalter how to do "here's the church, here's the steeple". 
Grandma acted a little confused and wasn't quite sure what Tristen was doing. I'm sure Grandma doesn't remember their little interchange, and years from now I'm not sure Tristen will either, but watching the interaction between the very old and the very young was special to me. 
Christmas clean-up and tear-down after we arrived home from Ohio. 
Sophia was thrilled to find a new use for Christmas ornaments. :o)

So we're left with precious memories of another Christmas past. I wonder if we'll celebrate Christmas in the new earth. . . 

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Rhonda said...

i am loving the chance to see your family and "get to know" your kids. So, where do you live exactly? can we visit a bit later this year when we're making our grand tour of the states? :)

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