19 February 2008

A wee update

Somehow it's just nice to be with Mom. Mom understands things. Mom loves you and loves when you come home. Mom feeds you comfort food. Nuff said. 

Dad and Daniel left for Hicksville, Ohio at around 6 this morning in order to make the 9 am start of Minister's Fellowship (the annual pastor's conference of Conservative Mennonite Conference). The children were rather bummed to have missed saying goodbye at that early hour. He did sneak in to kiss them all goodbye, it's just that they didn't realize it. They were all still sleeping of course. 

It was a full day. We had school this morning. Sophia even read a chapter of "Owl at Home" to Great Grandma Showalter. Nana kept two active little boys entertained while I read aloud to the girls (and Great Grandma, who also adores read aloud stories). We're half way through "The White Stallions of Lippiza" and I always hear, "Just one more chapter, please, Mama!"

The boys napped after lunch. Emmy finished up multiplication flashcards. We went to the neighbors to visit their 4 new puppies. Tobin held a shivering puppy and then said, "Oh, that makes my heart tickle!" 

We had a wonderful supper of turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, applesauce, jello and fruit salad, and Great Grandma's raisin filled cookies. Shaun, the neighbor boy and puppy owner, came to play after supper, bringing a huge bin of Legos with him. 

Somewhere along in there we managed to fit in several baths in Nana's big soaking tub. One daughter sank into the bubbles and proclaimed, "This is paradise!" When it came time for the boys to have their turn Tristen very carefully blew out all the candles we'd lit around the tub. This two year old has no sense of ambiance. Yet. 

And we finished the evening off with a traditional Showalter snack of graham crackers and milk. With the crackers being dipped in the milk of course. It's tradition. But as one of the children said so truly, "It's just not the same without Grandpa here."

So there you have it. It's been a day. A good day. From a good God. 

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Toots said...

That was fun to hear about.

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