28 March 2008

Happy Birthday. . . to me

I've decided that my birthday is a day when I make a renewal of my vows to God. "Here I am God. Remember, I'm Yours. Do with me whatever You choose. Keep teaching me to walk in Your ways." Today it was a day for deeper repentance. 

Several days ago we read the first several verses of Psalm 103 for family devotions. Emelyne and Sophia took turns reading. I just sat and cried. I memorized this Psalm years ago, but it hit me like never before. 

God is a God Who is slow to anger. He is rich in mercy and lovingkindness. He doesn't treat us as our sins deserve. Overwhelmed with Who God is. 

I've soaked in that Psalm for several days now. When the enemy comes in like a flood, God reminds me of His word. He is rich in mercy. My salvation comes from God alone. 

So today, on my birthday, I'm reminded of the God Who loves me. And today I'm learning about deeper repentance. And I'm learning how to rest. 

I've had pain in my shoulder (and more recently, shoulders). It's been visits to the doctor trying to determine the cause. So far? No answers. X-rays. Now, more x-rays. Maybe an MRI. Maybe it's not the calcific tendinitis like my family doctor thought. Maybe it's actually my neck. So I still don't have any answers. 

But God  knows where I live. He knows what's taking place in my body. Even when I don't. 

And then there are other circumstances that don't make sense. The last several weeks have felt like all the things my human eyes can see are being thrown to the wind. When I look up I can see them swirling through the air. 

And so the only unchanging, dependable "thing" in my life isn't really a thing at all. It's a Who. And it's Him. How grateful I am that my darling husband constantly reminds me to run to Jesus. And cry to Jesus. And dance for Jesus. 

Daniel took me to Olive Garden for supper last night. Oh how I love those times for conversation! If you're a mother you know what I mean. 

Today is school as usual. And laundry. And bread baking. But Daniel is making supper. Bless his heart. 

Ok, back to work. . . Thanks for stopping by. And thanks too for all the comments you leave to let me know you were here. It's fun to be reminded of my friends. 


Angie Davis said...

We will miss your lively clan at Rock Lake this year. Judging by the photos, your munchkins are growing like weeds! Blessings...

Jo said...

I'll be thinking of you and your aches. Its so inconvenient for a momma to be at less than 100%. Keep us posted on what you find out. Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Friend. Thanks for the loving reminders of God's grace.

P.S. Love that song too by the way.

iris said...

Happy Birthday, Carol! I thought of it the other day as I looked at the calender (and wondered where March had gone.) I too hope you find answers about your pain. What would we do without godly, understanding husbands!?

iris said...

I forgot to mention that I'm still unpacking boxes slowly and today I unpacked the really big teddy bear that you sent me for my 12th or 13th bday just after you moved to Sandy and we were still in Sidney. It's been in a box in RL for the past 2 years. Our older 3 enjoyed playing with it and now the younger 2 get their turn. =) I think of you often when I see it. Thank you for all the memories.

jm said...

happy birthday :)

Jenni said...

happy birthday! thanks for the reminder of our God's immense goodness!

Tammy Bergen said...

Happy Birthday Carol!
Just happened to check out your website today and saw that it was your birthday! I remember my trip up to Sandy to visit your family. That was a real highlight for me, riding the 4 wheeler and baking bread with your mother. There are also memories of times singing around the piano. I still make your chocolate chip cookies recipe from time to time. God bless you today and in the coming year!
Tamara Bergen

Rhonda said...

argh! i was planning to come comment on your birthday all week, then i forgot on the actual day! :( well, then, happy belated birthday! and yay for olive garden and time with hubby!

your posts have struck a chord with me lately, especially your thoughts on God's mercy for our failures. thanks for sharing so openly.

"He redeems my life from the pit."

Ratcliff Bunch said...

Dear Carol -
Happy birthday a day late. I got on to leave you a little note yesterday, and my dear son had done something to the computer so that it would no longer sign on to the internet. *sigh* I miss you! Thanks for the notes that you have dropped me. Keep your chins up. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday wishes
from Finland, Europe!
God bless Your new year!

I like to visit here.

Jennifer M said...

Carol, if you were in Palmyra you were just about in my back yard. Do you come there often? I want to make sure you have my phone number. It is 717-270-9419. I would love to reconnect with you. I wanted to let you know that I was able to pick up that devotional book that you talked about and Kerry and I are going through it together. Take care, and have a blessed week. Jennifer

Mary Sue said...

Happy Birthday, Carol! I am so blessed to know you!

Making Memories 1999 said...

Happy belated Birthday, dear Friend!! Hope you quickly find the reason for your sore shoulders!! Blessings to you and yours!

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