11 March 2008

Mennonite Cheerios

Yes, you read the title correctly for this post: Mennonite Cheerios. This was Elsa's bowl of cereal the other morning. I added the sliced bananas. A while later Tobin said, "Look! Elsa has Mennonite Cheerios." 

Tobin is 4. Tobin has unique ideas about life. And cereal. And no one (not even Tobin) knows exactly why they are Mennonite Cheerios. They just are. Go figure. 


iris said...

Could it possibly have something to do with being covered with "white caps"? Just a thought.

I sometimes wish I could crawl into my toddler's/children's brains just to see where they get the things they come up with. =)

Keith Showalter said...

Menno O's?
Cheeri ites?

kayla said...

Loved hearing from you!

I'll have to serve my boys some of those Cheerios.

Toots said...

Dave Ramsey and Larry Burkett both have some tools for helping kids learn how to manage money.
We've done a lot of different things through the years. Most of all, we've been very open about where we made unwise decisions in the past and how the conseqneses have made us wiser.
Presently, the girls clean Curt's office once a week and are saving most of that income for a car. We are listening to Dave Ramsey's tapes right now, and we plan to start a checking account for at least our 14-year-old.
We did do small allowances at one point early on, but I don't feel I knew how to make it a very effective management tool.

If I were you, I would check out Crown Financial Ministries. I think that's the name. It seems to me that Ramsey's focus is more on older kids, but I've just started listening to his CDs, so I'm not sure.

It's a big job, isn't it?!

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