31 March 2008


A dear friend sent me this bit of sweetness for over my sink. 
The Spring peepers are peeping. It's about 46˚. I think perhaps Spring is just around the corner. Maybe I'll start the day tomorrow by looking around every corner I can find! March has been dubbed the "month of mud" at our house. Trying to keep the "mud room" at least sort of clean has been a real challenge. And the shoes!! Oh my. The shoes. And boots. 

So I did a little calculation. There are exactly 7 Hobb(it)s who live at this house. If everyone keeps 3 pairs of shoes or boots in the mud room that makes for precisely 21 pairs of shoes. That's a grand total of 42 shoes. Argh. Now if everyone has 5 pairs of shoes in the mud room. . . 

I think it's time to stop calculating. 
Here are the children before we made a mad dash off to Sunday School yesterday morning. It's so difficult to get everyone looking in the same direction (or even looking pleasant) all at once. This was the best one out of a very large batch of photos.


sankey family said...

Hi, Carol. I'm so glad to find your blog - didn't know you had one. I spent quite awhile looking around and love the pics of your family and you.
You're welcome to check out my blog when you have a second.
Take care,

dorcas said...

What a wonderful surprise to find your blog tonight. I've enjoyed looking it over and seeing pictures of your children as well as reading your writing. I never thought I'd become a "blogger", but I have throughly enjoyed keeping up with friends who I rarely get to see.

Toots said...

Carol, you've been tagged, come to my blog to read the details!

Tara said...

Why, oh WHY, is it so difficult to get all our kiddos looking at us and smiling at ONCE?!? It is the plight of picture-taking Mamas! :)

Anonymous said...

What a precious reminder of the blessings that go inside those boots! Hope your birthday was lovely. I enjoyed your birthday post ever so much. I pray your physical ickiness will soon resolve. I know things that linger on can take a bit of an emotional toll.

Happy, happy Spring!
Love you!

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