07 March 2008

An overwhelming gift

Today I was overwhelmed. 

I've dreamed of owning a slightly more professional camera for some time. But there was no way I could just go out and buy one. I've talked to people who take great pictures. I've looked at really great cameras. But it always ended there. 

Today the UPS guy drove in my driveway. Emmy ran out to get the package. Today the package had my name on it. I tried to remember if there was something I'd ordered. Had I bought something on eBay and forgotten about it? Where had this package come from? 

I quizzed my husband. He hadn't ordered anything. Then I opened it. 

Inside I found the very camera I'd been shopping for and dreaming of. I stood at the kitchen table in front of the open box. . . and cried. 

Who could have sent me this gift? And why? 

Later in the day I discovered the giver. He said it was the most fun he'd had all week. I'm not sure who was more excited; him or me.

This gift felt like another hug from God. A gift given by someone who loves me, but prompted by the Spirit of God. I was left feeling so grateful, but so unworthy. What an awesome gift. Most of the day I've felt totally speechless. I've alternated between laughter and tears. 

And so God sent us His only Son. A gift we don't deserve. A gift we can never repay. A gift given by Someone Who loves us very much. A gift that is the Spirit of God. 

Thanks Keith. 
My first picture: mushrooms. 
Tristen likes to pretend he's taking pictures too. 
This is the Hobbit's favorite new way to come down the stairs. Tristen and Papa do it side by side regularly. Here I caught Sophia trying it. 
Children and books are a very common sight at this house. . . 

"For God so loved the world that He gave. . . " John 3:16


iris said...

Wow. How wonderful. Bask in the love everytime you pick up the camera. =) That was probably Keith's ultimate reason...he wants you to think of him OFTEN. =) Little brothers. Wow. What a good God. And brother. =)

Juwah said...

Wow, so happy for you. Does your brother have my address? HEE HEE

It is incredible how Sophia is growing up. It's amazing what a few years can make in little ones isn't it?

Tara said...

SOO happy for you, Carol. And, admittedly, a little jealous. I've been camera window-shopping, too.:) What a special gift. I also enjoyed the pics of your Sophia, and hearing her birth story. What a tale for generations to come, eh?!

Julie said...

Shall we go on a photo shoot?! Wow, what a gift! We'll have to sit down over a cup of tea and discuss photo taking tips. Although, when Esther gets back from AK she'll probably know the camera better than I and will be able to teach both of us all about SLR's!
Love ya! Have fun!

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