08 March 2008

An upset fruit basket

One lone apple left in the fruit basket. 

One very hungry two year old.

Here's proof that my two year old needs only half an apple to still his growling tummy. 

Apples make good appetizers. 


Tara said...

I just had the BEST out-loud laugh when I saw this post, Carol! And I needed it, too. For one thing, our kids must be kindred spirits in the eating-half-the-apple syndrome. Drives their Daddy and me crazy!
Too cute.

Nanna said...

Great choice Tristen---apples are always healthy choices. Love you,

Pastorman said...

Hi Pastor Dan and Carol,
You have been pretty tough to track down but I now have found you. I am so glad Jesus isn't this hard to find. Hope all things are well with you and if at all possible I would like a phone number for Pastor Dan. I like your blog site and keep up the good work, I will drop in every now and then to visit. Have Pastor email me when he gets the time and I'll give him my new phone number. Bless you and your family (I love to see your all Christian all American family the picture is great).
Pastor Scott Leutz

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