06 March 2008

Sophia is 8

Eight years ago tonight at approximately 5:30 pm Sophia Lanae Hobbs made her grand entrance into this world. The time is approximate because there was no doctor or nurse or midwife standing at the ready to record the time. There was only a rather frazzled papa and mama, oh, and several harried EMT's  standing around an off white (and rust!) Subaru on a mountain road in Pennsylvania. Nope, we didn't make it to the midwife on time and Sophia was born in the front seat of the car on a chilly blustery day, March 6, 2000. 

We rejoice in the goodness of God. We rejoice in the growth we see in Sophia's life. She is our very tenderhearted daughter, always running to help whichever family member is in need. Recently she has had an increasing desire to make sure her conscience is clear before God. She is one the quickest to say, "I'm sorry."

Sophia's only regret for the day was that she still had to have school. Her requested breakfast was bacon and eggs and mushrooms (Shasta's breakfast as prepared by the dwarves in "The Horse and His Boy" by C.S. Lewis). For supper she requested pork roast, macaroni and cheese (because she knew that's what Elsa would pick), green beans (because she knows Emelyne hates peas), applesauce and lastly, mint brownie pie for dessert. 

Happy Birthday Sophia!! We love you and rejoice in what God is doing in your life. 


Toots said...

What can make a Mama happier than to have her children desire a clear conscience before God?!
Precious and so thrilling!
Happy Birthday to your Sophia.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Sophia! How well I remember the story of that exciting birth!! By the way, the breakfast sounds lovely. (Dwarves have good taste in breakfasts.)

Jo said...

I had not heard that story. Way to go Mama. She looks like a sweetheart. Happy Birthday.

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